The Witch's Way (Is Grey)

A snake I encountered at the park in Kennesaw, GA
I debated internally about whether or not to post this page. Then I read Sera Beak's spiritual memoir Red, Hot & Holy: A Heretic's Love Story. Sera's story demands that we all answer the call to embody our souls by remembering and living in accordance with who we authentically are. She calls her soul The Red Lady. I call mine The Grey Witch.

To be a witch, in my opinion, means consciously exercising your intuitive awareness in order to make significant changes within the world we share. It's a birthright which we most fully claim by dedicating ourselves to a life of observation, study and direct interaction with a distinctly feminine energy which balances compassion for others with personal fidelity. Generally speaking, this means saying YES (time and again) to our inherent humanity and seeing it as a gift to be embraced and understood, rather than seeing it as a sinful state to transcend via baptism or enlightenment. In my life, this sometimes means living comfortably with taboos and drawing boundaries according to my soul's needs, rather than my heart's (or society's) desires.

Sacred Scene in GA's Cohutta Wilderness
The focus of my soul's craft is the cultivation of an authentic life through which my soulmates and I experience healing and freedom. On a broader scale, I'm compelled to help shift the existing cultural narrative in ways which will make it easier to transition to a post-capitalistic society. While all I really need to work my wonders is space and time, I do enjoy utilizing plants, indigenous ceremonies, stones, oracle cards, candles, essential oils and art (in all its forms) to clear, ground, guide and inspire my process. However, my most powerful tools are my words, hence one more reason to share this page with you after all. Spiritually agnostic, I do believe humanity is part of a vast network of wonder greater than anything embodied by any religious story. We save ourselves daily by continuing to participate in our lives, and I want to thank you all (again & again & again) for being part of my journey.

Think of The Grey Witch, if you will, as protector and inhabitant of a mysterious and sacred space which balances the light with the dark. I envision her particular brand of magic as dark grey with sparkles--like midnight mists rising up from a dark river or a vast expanse of starry moonlit sky. I also picture The Mother of the Owls, the first archetype of The Grey Witch I encountered, fittingly via a children's book gifted to me by one of my grandmothers.

The Mother of the Owls allowed one of her own children, Gwinna, to be raised by a barren couple under the condition they would always grant her freedom to (literally and figuratively) fly. When they do not, she turns them to stone but later celebrates their release from captivity once Gwinna fulfills her quest to reunite with her own soul.

Buck Encounter w/ my bugs @ Maryland's Swallow Falls
This story is filled with moments like getting down into the heart of a mountain and waiting to hear songs in silence. Its themes--like those the tattooed, henna-headed and awkwardly edgy Grey Witch within me exercises--are patience, trust and radical love.

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