My bugs, marching in solidarity from Atlanta, GA
While all imperfect, the organizations on this list hold a particularly warm place in my heart. Please explore & then connect more deeply with these groups, or others you hold dear.

Amnesty International & ACLU &  
Freedom of the Press Foundation & Atlanta's Teardown Community
Supporting human rights, victims of torture, & prisoners of conscience while holding our society accountable for its actions are of paramount importance. Since high school, the right to live and think freely has been the closest thing to my heart, and these groups all support this in unique ways.

Trees Water People & World Wildlife Fund 

We need a healthy Earth to continue human life, and I love the way TWP collaborated with my family's company, courtesy of Rob Buehler's tree planting campaign. The WWF meanwhile keeps rocking my world with their Christmas campaigns, which help my daughter understand wildlife and extinction.

Heifer International

 I love the idea of giving people the resources needed to help themselves in practical ways.

Coosa River Basin Initiative

Protection for the river basin centered in my home town is essential-especially when it also happens to be the most biologically diverse river basin in North America.

Nuci's Space

A mental health oasis for musicians in my other home town makes me smile.

insideOUT Writers

I am a lifelong fan of writing my way out. This organization encourages residents of juvenile detention facilities to find and effectively use their voices for positive personal change.

Books to Prisoners Programs

I recognize that reading can be a way out too, especially when the voices are authentic and diverse. 

Peachtree Norml 

Marijuana reform in my home state will bring relief to many people. I support reform wholeheartedly and believe it's by speaking out gracefully and responsibly that reform can happen in a way which opens minds and minimizes abuse. National NORML also rocks, of course.

The Heffter Institute & ICEERS & Drug Policy Alliance & MAPS

These institutions conduct professional research in the field of psychedelics and the function of the human mind. As with marijuana, I support responsible, educated reform wholeheartedly in the broader field of more "heavy-hitting" plant medicine.

Bring Change 2 Mind and STAR Institute

After living as a neurologically divergent person, losing several friends to suicide, and experiencing ten years of marriage and 4 children (2 mine, 2 their half-siblings) with a man challenged by dissociative identities & borderline personality disorder, I recognize that deep-rooted stigma linked to mental illness has been a major block to research, treatment, recovery and support for affected individuals and their families. This needs to change, and Bring Change 2 Mind shares this goal. I also parent two neurologically divergent children--one autistic and one with sensory processing and integration differences. I have seen how these differences can be embraced and integrated into a beautifully unique life, as well as how these differences can be the seed of destructive pathologies. There is a great deal of conflict among neurologically divergent people and their families about how these differences should be addressed both at the individual and institutional level. Personally, I feel balance is best, and the STAR Institute has provided the most objective and helpful information to me thus far.

The Order of the Good Death

Per their website: The Order of the Good Death is a group of funeral industry professionals, academics, and artists exploring ways to prepare a death phobic culture for their inevitable mortality.

I dig this so much.

Charis Circle & WonderRoot & Deer Bear Wolf

Increasingly, providing a space where people can create and appreciate art without fear of judgment is itself a radical act. These organizations each do an excellent job of supporting the local creative community in Atlanta, Georgia.

Fractured Atlas

Ditto to everything I just wrote about the importance of supporting a creative community. Fractured Atlas does this at the national level.

Moms United Against the Drug War & Women's March on Washington & MomsRising

As I've aged, I've found power in being a woman. These networks have helped.

Smithsonian Institute & National Parks Service

In my quest to educate and entertain my children, these two organizations have always been the most reliable and fulfilling. Smithsonian's engaging and objective approach totally rocks!


My friend Jessie Reed rocks our native Rome, Georgia, by organizing events like a counter protest of a white rights rally and a supply drive for Standing Rock. This organizations is the product of her heart and soul.

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