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A Warning: These project descriptions evolve until completion. I place them here partly to give readers a deeper glimpse into my mind, and partly to remind myself of what I'm working toward. When a project from the page actually reaches completion, I will record it on my profile and also provide links, both here and in the sidebar, to sites where you can purchase my work. 

Peyote, One Day  
A chapbook of poetry and prose which offers a glimpse into what I've experienced in the past three decades as an agnostic, neurologically divergent mother, daughter, entrepreneur, activist and wife living in the rural American South.

Ashes in the Shadows

A second chapbook of poetry and prose centered on exploring the idea and reality of both death and transformation, within ourselves and the Western World.

Safety First: Mama's Guide to Mind Expansion AND Now, We Live the Changes

Inspired by a combination of personal experience, scientific research, spiritual insight and web forum fodder, Safety First is a practical guide to deep meditation and psychedelic journeys from the perspective of a stable and loving mom with one foot planted firmly on each side of the proverbial veil. A sequel to Safety First, Now We Live the Changes explores the ways mind expansion shapes cultures and changes lives. The focus is taking responsibility as sacred activists and creators of new stories.

Mind Your Magic

Mind Your Magic is a five part workshop designed to address the connection between magic and the mind, especially as neurological divergence is concerned. Currently under development for personal delivery at ATL Craft, it is poised to become the inspiration for a related guidebook, online course and video series.

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