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 Peyote, One Day  
A chapbook of poetry and prose which offers a glimpse into what I've experienced in the past three decades as an agnostic, neurologically divergent mother, daughter, entrepreneur, activist and wife living in the rural American South.

Mind Your Magic

Originally envisioned as a workshop to be delivered at ATL Craft in Atlanta, Georgia, Mind Your Magic is also evolving into a podcast featuring conversations with spiritual leaders, mental health experts and magical practitioners about the intersection of magic and the mind.

We Live the Changes: A Guide to Sacred Activism
A spiritual memoir about my experiences as a part-time American activist from the 90s to the present, this work also serves as a conscious guide to holding space for healing while giving voice to change on both a small and large scale.  

Safety First: Mama's Guide to Mind Expansion

Inspired by a combination of personal experience, scientific research, spiritual insight and web forum fodder, this is a practical guide to deep meditation and psychedelic journeys from the perspective of a stable and loving mom with one foot planted firmly on each side of the proverbial veil.

Ashes Everywhere

A second chapbook of poetry and prose centered on exploring both the idea and reality of death, as it has shown up in my life, and evolved over time, across cultures.

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