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Me, my bugs & their half sister Z.
Bugs, Books and Beauty provides a platform for sharing my creative work and passions. I invite communication about opportunities to further explore the ideas discussed here. You may reach me by emailing kelli@terratonz.com. Unless otherwise indicated, I retain a copyright of the written work and photos shared within the posts and pages found on this site. The site's title is an homage to 3 things close to my heart.

Bugs refers to both actual insects (which show up in mass at transitional times in my life) and to my children, whom I often call my Little Bugs. 

Books refers to all things literary, including my own writing.

Beauty refers to both daily personal care routines and everything which stills my senses and brings me a sense of awe.

Now, IF I could add a fourth "b" word to the site, it would be Bud because my NORML Mom column is helping me turn the website into a platform for marijuana law reform. Special thanks to my friends at Peachtree NORML for your help with this! 

Special thanks to all of you for being here! Your comments are welcome.

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