Friday, October 24, 2014

The First Post

Today I have also just done a very lovely thing. I have filled a ceramic bowl with boiling water poured over dried lavender and rose petals. I'm going to dip a wash cloth into it after sunrise and lay it on my face. The anticipation of this simple act makes me smile. It's the sort of thing I want to teach my daughter and for her to remember in those days when her childhood feels like a distant star—twinkling and mysterious, coolly out of reach.

I call this time of day The Mystery. It is the hour before dawn, a time potent with possibility. The present possibilities before me are meeting my new writing goals--15 pages of poetry a month, submitted for publication to journals I admire, maintenance of this blog, attendance at readings,  seasonal Kickstarter book campaigns. Of course, there are the other goals as well: Take the children to school, clarify plans for the weekend, read through all the old mail in my office, complete instrument sales. I am co-owner of TerraTonz, a company creating some of the world's most popular and unique musical instruments at the moment. It is difficult to know sometimes whether we are simply immersed in a trend or are genuinely seeding a movement, the music providing it with momentum and a voice. Nonetheless, I'm honored to be part of this venture, with my dearest of all friends -- Ryan, Clint and Courtney, as well as the others who have invested money, energy and inspiration into helping it grow. Together we know we all are family, yet we struggle to align ourselves in the most authentically sustainable way. I trust this will come in time.

For now, I am going to conclude this first post with some gratitude. Thank you for visiting my site. This song, by my friend McCall, is for you.

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