Sunday, February 1, 2015

She Set the Intention

She set the intention to trust the process, as one would a shamanic journey, or the flourishing of a seed. This requires awareness, mostly, and the ability to move within the moments as they come, beholden not to any set outcome other than the authentic unfolding of the self. The process is a distinct passage and the trust focused on her own intuition. There is no higher power here, no preset destiny nor guiding light. There is no pronoiac universe conspiring to shower her with blessings. And, yet, there is evidence of some symbiosis between her and . . . . all the rest of it. It makes her think of doors. Those moments of trusting the process are the ones which pass when the thoughts set within have just yet to make it without and she stands on the precipice of moving through. #sheisthree

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