Thursday, August 27, 2015

Power of Place (with pictures by Val)

There is power in place. Look to the psychedelic guidebooks, and one of the pillars for a positive experience is "set and setting." However, this also holds true for the day-to-day life, as I've experienced it. Sometimes our minds and bodies function differently, and more effectively, based on where we place them and on how we carry ourselves when we are there. I think everyone feels this sometimes.  After all, it's common knowledge that sometimes the only remedy a heated situation needs is a walk outside. What I'm curious about though is what happens when someone deliberately cultivates a relationship with a space, similar to how they would with another person. Over the next year, I'll be exploring this idea and documenting it--sometimes in writing, more often in images.

Today, my experiences with the back corners of Candler Park Market, the jazz at Dr. Bombay's and the afternoon rain on the way to the Land Trust have been a good start. However, it's my son who's really inspiring me. I guess he's in this with me to some degree.  With a sensory processing disorder, he sees the world differently but lately has been taking joy in the detail. Here is some of his recent work created during our nature walk at Manning Mill Park. Last Saturday he turned 5 years old.

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