Monday, August 3, 2015

She Found Freedom in the Wreckage

I took this photo for #sheisthree w/ my car pre-wreck.
She found freedom in the wreckage. A moment at the stop light contemplating . . . gratitude and debt, and then she made the decision to turn and found herself flying down her lane and spinning counterclockwise up over the median into two lanes of oncoming traffic. She heard crashes, snaps, crunches, saw herself dying, thought of her children, thought of the lives potentially taken by her own moment of unforeseen recklessness. Someone, rushing to a job interview in a borrowed truck, had hit her from behind. The confession came later. So did handcuffs for the outstanding speeding ticket which had been sitting neglected in her dash when the crash picked her up and tossed her outside herself. "I am grateful to be alive," she repeated over and over when she was inside the jail, the whole time looking at a sign which read HOLDING, thinking on some level she really had died, gone to a purgatory colored bright white, orange and blue. Part of her is still there. Part of her is still by the road. But part of her, more dynamic and evolved than any self she's known yet, is filling that space in her soul, picking her up, moving her forward, setting her free. #sheisthree

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