Wednesday, September 30, 2015

She Walked Along the Street to Realize her Destination

I often don't know exactly where I'm going until I'm there. I start with a general idea and then progress, one step at a time. This applies to my broad, sweeping life path. This also applies to my daily strolls--through the parks, in the woods, around the cities and towns where my children learn and play.

I took this month's photograph after a walk through Candler Park in Atlanta, Georgia. Candler Park holds a lot of personal energy for me. I once fought for permission to drive there and was denied until years later when, clad in a purple wig, I finally made my first solo venture into the city. Candler Park was the location of my company's first artistic showcase. My daughter went missing for the only time ever in Candler Park. I have never experienced relief as great as what came when I spotted her on the playground. My heart began to question my relationships there in Candler Park. . . in ways which have had far-reaching, hurtful, enlivening and also deeply healing effects.

This week I entered the park the usual way from McLendon Avenue. I was walking between rain showers, talking on the phone and feeling rather light after a week of sickness. I went down past the aforementioned playground, up over a hillside and came out on a different road than I'd expected. I felt equal hints of fear and courage. Taking comfort in the fact that it was still daylight and that people were out walking with dogs and children all around me, I decided to navigate this new territory with a blend of memory and intuition. This took me in a rectangle, right past and back around to a house with a striking red door. Then I looked closer and noticed: When I exited the park, McLendon Avenue was directly to my left. 

With the realization that the path I'd been seeking was so close all along, I no longer felt the intense drive to go anywhere. That's when I spied it, a green bench situated snugly beneath a vibrant tree, overlooking all of Candler Park. I decided to take a selfie. Then I remembered the She is Three prompt for September and felt a sense of resolution.

When I stood up, I noticed a plaque on the bench. It reads: Best Magic Base.

I think magic is a process through which people experience seemingly sudden profound changes due to subtle shifts of perspective, often linked to creative expression.When I walked along the street to Candler Park, I realized my destination is a place for creating my own magic. #sheisthree


  1. Hi! Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club. Great blog!
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  2. Thanks, Veronica! I appreciate your visit. If you liked this post, a great place to find some writing inspiration is I read about it in the magazine Bella Grace. :)