Friday, February 19, 2016

Pony Tail Cuts & Self-Styled Bangs for the Stylistically Challenged (Like Me)

After years of exploration, I've finally realized I'm my own best stylist when it comes to my hair.

Just trimmed my bangs & layers tonight!
If you saw me earlier today, explaining to the women at my children's learning center how deficient I am at using a flat iron, that statement may sound odd. It is true though. Appliances and looks requiring any sense of precision are not my forte. Fortunately, these are not the looks I typically want.

I want subtle interesting color, natural waves, layers and bangs. I can do this myself.

For the color, there's henna mixed with conditioner which covers gray and adds highlights.

For the waves, there's sprinkling essential oils onto your hands and rubbing them into your hair while scrunching the ends. Resist the urge to comb this out and just let it dry.
Here's another way of wearing it.

For long layers, I make a series of pony tails pulled to different areas of my head and cut across the tip, controlling the total amount of length removed by how high up the tail I go.

For bangs, I pull a section out, twist it and cut across the tip as well. The center will be higher than the ends. I cut the ends to be level with the center. Then I gently snip across the bottom in a strait line. As long as the bangs are long enough to push to the side if I want to, this method works just fine. It's important to do this with dry hair and to avoid pushing down on your hair to flatten the bangs.

I took to clipping my hair tonight and realized with new clarity how much I like it. There's power in it.  One day, I'll share these methods with my daughter and watch her execute them better than I do.

Meanwhile, here's something to inspire you. For guidance from a pro: Click here.

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