Sunday, July 31, 2016

Rebelle Society Shares My Thoughts on Pathological Relationships (& more reasons to be hopeful)

I found Rebelle Society via this post: Jeanette LeBlanc's "Maybe, Just Maybe, Now You Can be Still."

I had big dreams.

I would join the ranks of "creatively maladjusted" rebelles and yell my story clear across the internet.

A few years later I pounded out some questionable advice based on my personal reasons for continuing to consciously hold space for pathological people I love, and Rebelle Society decided to roll with it.

Here is an excerpt:

 In my direct personal experience, abuse of any sort is cyclical. Via forces of both nature and nurture (or the lack thereof), it gets passed from one generation to the next. Abruptly turning one’s back upon it can be a necessary self-protective measure. . .  However, the systematic adoption of this stance can become its own form of trauma, robbing families of authentic opportunities for healing wounds generations deep. . . Embracing this perspective requires a good dose of chutzpah. Within it, a successful relationship no longer has to be a one-person-fits-a-lifetime doorway to your personal happily ever after.Instead, successful relationships become open-ended and uncharted doorways to powerful personal transformation which exists on its own terms.

If you're interested in reading more, please check it out here: "The Freedom to Stay: Re-Thinking Pathological Relationships" by Kelli Lynn. 

Meanwhile, I'm very excited about the way Submittable's newsletter Submishmash  and Freedom with Writing make it simple to know exactly who is seeking what when. My fingers are crossed about the Burnside Review's poetry chapbook contest right now, as well as about my recent submissions to The Sun and Orion. Think happy thoughts.

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