Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Indoor Playground on a Cloudy Day

Crayon Panda in Cartersville, Georgia, inspired this poem and is the setting of the picture. Mothers will understand.

This isn't the space for work.
It's a time for magic,
plastic balls,
shiny things,
and trampolines.
The children's freedom to slide
into the ball pit,
while we adults just sit
may be worth a weekend of therapy.
In the center of this colorfully controlled chaos,
we practice peace,
set to toddler's drum beats,
sock-covered feet thumping against
padded floors.
There is more at play here
than 5-year-olds' imaginations.
There is the grace of brighter dreams. 


  1. my wife and I just visited a toddler day at sky zone trampoline park, I totally agree with your poem. absolutely. This reminds me of when I was with some family members talking business and one of the more successful business owners said "get, guys, our kids are playing, we need to go watch them." This moment has always stuck in my head. Sometimes it's hard to let go and just enjoy being around kids exploring and having fun. well said.

    1. haha I can't go back and edit my auto correct here... that makes commenting fun. eek... haha

  2. Hi Max, I just noticed these comments! I'm glad you enjoyed the poem & could relate to it. :)