Friday, December 30, 2016

A NORML Mom Stays Home

I travel often, not exactly big trips, but a handful of small ones. I feel like at least half my life passes behind the wheel of my car. My children know this, and, for them, one of the biggest gifts of the holiday season has been the days I've spent at home. These give to me as well. Lots of joy and wonder comes from watching my son's epic ninja battles with his shadow. I also feel a tender pride in witnessing my daughter as her childlike wonder at the stories she's been told for years transforms, slowly and sweetly, into a more mature awe at the magic of all which remains unknown and ripe for discovery.

Since my husband filled my gift boxes with awesome NORML gear this Christmas, much of my time home has been as NORML mom. As I've been enjoying the opportunity to focus on my immediate family, it also strikes me that many people have this right taken due to an unwinnable war--not so much on the drugs themselves as on the people who are too easily stigmatized and vilified for their decision to use them.

NORML Dad swings in on the Christmas action
As an advocate for responsible adult cannabis use, I'm particularly struck that even the mildest stigma against this implies users are trying to escape their lives and condemns them for doing so. This disturbs me because my experience has been that regular, responsible users are not seeking escape. They are more likely using their preferred medicine to step out of the chaotic web of thought which generally holds them back so that they can better accept and embrace each moment as it is and, thanks to this, function as more effective and engaged partners, parents, professionals and people.

Whatever the case may be, I certainly feel that possession of cannabis is never a reason for there to be an empty chair in anyone's home. Our future attorney general Jeff Sessions has said "Good people don't smoke pot." All I can say to this is that he and I must have very different definitions of Good People.

While staying home today, I am taking steps (if just from my laptop) to help the leaders of NORML continue their work defending, protecting and increasing people's right to use cannabis in the USA.

My local chapter of PeachTree NORML is currently accepting donations to its end of year gift matching campaign, through which an anonymous donor has agreed to match all contributions up to $7500 USD. Please click here to learn more!!

Meanwhile, NORML's national headquarters is building a team of 100 monthly contributors prior to the end of 2016. Please click here to learn more!!

Finally, if you would like to see more of my writing and have $1 to spare per month, please consider becoming my patron. Click here for the details!!

As always, when we're talking, we're winning. At the very least, please spread the word and watch it grow. 

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  1. 501c3 pass through could make all norml donations tax deductible, as currently I believe they are not due to lobbying.